Maggie Pearson

 Tenacious Dog Training LLC,
Sioux Falls , SD 57106 , US

I am on a mission to positively impact lives, one dog at a time. As a trainer and behavioral consultant I look forward to helping you live happily with your pet. From having great groomer to veterinarian visits to more complex issues I am here to help. I have worked with Dogs, Cats and even Rabbits on for cooperative care needs!

Maggie has been fantastic to work with! She and her network of certified behaviorists and trainers work with the most up to date, scientifically proven methods to train dogs, and the results are astounding! She is so patient when teaching the clicker technique, and only wants what is best. I HIGHLY recommend her to anybody needing a trainer!! My (adult) dog learned new tricks SO quickly and I learned how to better communicate to my dog what I was trying to teach her!”
– Jessica Henricks
We can’t recommend Maggie enough for your dog training needs. Maggie is incredibly knowledgeable, but also SO passionate about training dogs. She believes every dog is a good dog and can show you and your dog how to live your best life together. Our puppy Dexter really loves puppy day training at Maggie’s house- and so do we!!!! We also had great luck with the foundations class. Maggie is always willing to answer all your questions and has a way of teaching humans that doesn’t make you feel like a failure! You won’t find a better or more qualified trainer!
– Kelsey HIllberg
Maggie is a thoughtful, creative, perceptive dog trainer. She’s great at thinking outside the box and finding reinforcers that will really motivate your dog. Beyond that, she enjoys training and routinely pursues continuing education. She’s also great at communicating with people and motivating them . You’ll be in great hands with Maggie.
– Cheryl Gfrerer