Vivian Zottola

 VMG - Boston Veterinary Clinic
Boston, MA 02116

Vivian Zottola is an applied Anthrozoologist and advanced dog trainer specializing in the prevention and resolution of behavior challenges between humans and canines.  Over the past 10 years she has worked with hundreds of dogs (and their people) to successfully improve behavior problems. In circumstances when training is limited she collaborates with Veterinarians, CAABs and Veterinary Behaviorists to help dogs improve their learning potential.

Vivian is skilled at teaching dog owners (and their dogs of all ages) simple yet effective management strategies and training techniques which quickly resonate into lifestyle changes. Her Anthrozoological perspective and certified positive reinforcement training approach is rooted in modern science and supported by current canine research.  Expect to learn all about the “world of the dog” and develop an enhanced understanding about your dog’s rich and unique perspective.  Rest assured, as you learn, so will your dog.  While maintaining a private canine behavior consulting and training practice, Vivian is also enrolled in Canisius College Anthrozoology (MS) graduate school and is a team member with Center for Canine Behavior Studies, Inc, a 501 (c) (3) non profit lead by world renown Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman, DACVB.  Vivian’s decision to pursue the study of Anthrozoology was to large part to glean a deeper and critical understanding of humanity’s relationship with other species.  A major emphasis of the program is given to an examination of science based knowledge about our fellow living beings. Topics explored include an historical, ethical, legal, and psychological perspective as well as difficult issues including animal abuse, domestic violence and animal indifference.  Over the course of ten years Vivian has earned a host of animal behavior, training and veterinary certifications including Case-Based Approach to Applied Behavioral Medicine course, lead by Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall PhD, DACVB, Living and Learning with Animals, a comprehensive course taught by Dr. Susan Friedman which focuses on Functional and Applied Behavior Analysis applied to animals and Fear Free Pets Veterinary Professional Certification. 

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David Costa, Dorchester, MA

When Stella was about six months old, I hired a trainer. She taught me how to read a dog’s body language and how to get Stella to sit, go down, slap me five, stay, and more. I then switched jobs and money got tight so I had to stop the training. We never quite mastered walking on a leash and recently Stella started showing aggression towards unknown bigger dogs out of fear. Well, thanks to Vivian Zottola Stella is a new girl. She is reacting to big dogs in a much better way and Vivian Zottola, we did the Pattens Cove/Star Market walk today perfectly. I cannot thank you enough. I am truly appreciative of you. Both Stella and I are happier because of you. If your pup has some behaviors that need some work, I highly, highly recommend Vivian Zottola. xo


Dr. Brian Bourquin, DVM practice owner Boston Veterinary Clinic, Boston,  MA   Phone: 857-362-8672

I have been working with Vivian Zottola since 2012 both personally with my own pack of dogs as well as professionally as we consult together on clients’ pets. I do not think I am overstating the fact when I say Vivian changes lives! Our three dogs had become so unruly that our daily walks were more torture than bonding. Vivian came to our house & spent her entire afternoon assessing the situation, providing insight & advice, & then training us how to be better pet parents.
It has been an honor to work beside her & watch her behavior training business flourish. To have a colleague with such expertise and knowledge at my disposal is priceless & I have seen the difference she makes in lives of my clients. Pets that might have otherwise been given up now are cherished family members! I recommend her on a daily basis & do so knowing the positive changes she can bring! Dr Brian Bourquin Owner/Veterinarian BVC

Dr. Randi Henry, DVM  Boston Veterinary Clinic, Boston,  MA   Phone: 857-362-8672

Vivian Zottola is one of my preferred behavior consultants due to her level of patience, understanding and always striving to learn more.Her consultations are customized to the needs of pets and their owners/advocates.  She is great about communicating updates, results and how medical management is working with referring veterinarians.  Clients appreciate her ability to come to the home or go for a walk with the pet and observe behavior and make actionable recommendations.  Vivian is great at helping clients understand dog behavior and this has been a great help for our clients with dogs that may have a hard time adjusting to noise and social interactions assoctiated with urban living.  Dr. Randi Henry, Boston Veterinary Clinic