Institution Grant Funding

Submission & Funding Guidelines

This form should be used by universities for funding of veterinary student, resident, or faculty research projects. At least one member of the research team should be a Fear Free Certified Professional. All research must be approved by the facility’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or equivalent oversight committee. Please follow the submission guidelines described.

Institution Grant Funding

Research grants of $2,500 USD will be awarded to veterinary colleges for funding of a research project that meets Fear Free funding objectives and criteria for “original evidence-based research in dogs, cats, avian, and/or equines investigating the prevention, reduction, or measurement of fear, anxiety, stress, and /or pain related to veterinary healthcare, including travel, facilities, procedures, hospitalization, or return home.” Preference will be given to student research project; however resident, clinician or faculty research projects are eligible for funding.

  1. Applications should be submitted by a faculty member or clinician who will be mentoring or coordinating the research project.
  2. Complete the following fields: Institution, Name, Position, Credentials (project administrator or mentor), and timeline for the project. Names and credentials of additional administrators or mentors should be listed in the comment section.
  3. A title and description are not required to be completed as the university may internally set the process for review, adjudication, and selection of the award recipient provided the project meets Fear Free objectives
  4. Funding will be provided for up to four (4) annual university grants, with preference given to first-time applicants, and for student research.
  5. Funding for university grants will be considered at the time and in the order in which they are received, until all funds have been awarded.
  6. For student research projects, grant funding may not be used to pay indirect costs. For all other projects, a maximum of 8% of the grant funds may be used toward indirect costs. Also see posted terms of funding.

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