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How do I purchase additional memberships for my group?

To purchase additional membership, simply click here. It will send you to the cart where you can select the number of memberships you would like to add. It will apply the appropriate per person cost for you.

How do I purchase renewals for myself and/or my team?

To renew your own account, go to the cart and select the Veterinary Professional Certification Program Renewal.  To renew Group Members’ accounts, go to the cart and select the Renew Team Members, edit the quantity to the number of members you wish to renew, and click “Update Cart”. Once purchased, if the renewal is for one of your team members, you can go back to Manage My Team and assign the renewal to your team member by simply clicking on the RENEW button next to their name. If the renewal is for yourself, visit your homepage and you will see 7 new credits in your account and your membership extended for another 12 months.

How do I remove and replace team members?

Removal of a team member within your veterinary professional group is allowed when a team member no longer works at your practice or other special circumstances. A membership registration will be replaced in your group if the individual being removed has not started the certification program. The registration spot will not be replaced if the individual has started and/or completed the certification program.

*If you have added a new team member to your group and have incorrectly entered their email address, contact with the team member’s information and let them know the email needs to be updated. Do not remove this user from your group as this creates duplicates in our system.

Why is there an option to edit my team members’ contact information?

The option to edit your team members’ contact information should ONLY be used if they are not working in the same practice you are. All of your team members will automatically inherit the address of your practice, which will be used for their mailings and their directory listing.

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