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BabelBark connects pet parents, veterinary professionals, and the pet businesses in one platform, through every step of a pet’s health and wellness – part of that includes ensuring pets live a Fear Free life.

The BabelBark Mobile App for Pet Parents connects pet families to their trusted pet services. The easy-to-use app allows seamless sharing and management of pet information. Pet parents can receive informative news and reminders based on the unique needs of their pet, remote communication with their service providers, and monitor weight, nutrition and track 24/7 activity.

BabelVet® is a versatile cloud-based platform that integrates with a practice management system. BabelVet puts veterinary professionals at the center of care and enables veterinary recommendations and instructions to be shared to all service providers in a pet’s life. In the age of technology, BabelVet gives practices new avenues for generating revenue and improving client engagement.

BizBark® is a powerful cloud-based platform, with both free and subscription levels that enable pet services and shelters to manage clients online, utilize mobile scheduling, send targeted promotions, and maintain critical medical information.

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