Individual Certification Membership Program

Fear Free offers veterinary professionals the opportunity to obtain individual certification, which includes an annual membership. A variety of courses, from our core certification program, to Level 2 and Level 3, as well as additional CE courses are offered as part of the annual membership. New courses and CE opportunities are regularly added, so check the course section often for the latest offerings.

Individual certification is the first step for any veterinary professional interested in obtaining Fear Free certification and implementing Fear Free principles in practice. Fear Free offers an exclusive membership with the certification program, which needs to be renewed annually to keep certification active, and to gain access to the next levels of the certification program – Level 2 and Level 3.

In March 2016, Fear Free launched its certification program, designed for all individuals employed at a practice from veterinarians and nurses (technicians), to customer service representatives and practice managers. The certification course can be seen as the base course for Fear Free, and is designed to give individuals the knowledge and tools required to start implementing Fear Free in their workplace.

Three years since inception, more than 48,000 veterinary and pet professionals have registered for the program in the US, Canada and countries across the world.

  • Length: 8 Modules
  • RACE-Approved Hours: 9 Hours

To learn more about the course and its learning objectives and to register, click here.

Fear Free Certification Level 2 Course

This Level 2 course is designed for Fear Free certified professionals who are ready to take their knowledge to the next level. Modules in this course are a result of direct feedback we received from many of our professionals voicing their need for more in-depth education in the areas of patient handling, advanced handling techniques, in-hospital care, communications, marketing and finance. In addition to step by step procedures, the modules feature numerous videos detailing procedures, handling techniques and client communication examples. Members must be registered for and have passed the base Fear Free Certification Program in order to register for Fear Free Certification Course Level 2 course.

  • Length: 5 Modules
  • RACE Approved Hours: 7 Hours

To learn more about the course, its learning objectives and to purchase your Level 2 renewal and Level 2 course, click here.

Fear Free Certification Level 3 Course

The Level 3 course strives to enhance veterinary professionals’ existing knowledge while also providing them with new concepts and ideas to begin implementing in the hospital. For pets to live Fear Free lives, veterinary professionals need to become the trusted source of knowledge about animal behavior and educate clients on how they can provide a Fear Free Happy Home for their pets. The course teaches up-to-date techniques for addressing normal pet behavior challenges and gives professionals the initial tools to start offering preventive behavior services in their hospital. Members must be registered for and have passed the base Fear Free Certification Program and the Level 2 course in order to register for Fear Free Certification Course Level 3 course.

  • Length: 5 Modules
  • RACE Approved Hours: 6.5 Hours

To learn more about the course, its learning objectives and to purchase your Level 3 renewal and Level 3 course, click here.

Elite Fear Free Certification

Take your certification to the next level and become an Elite Certified Professional. Available to Certified Professionals who are active members and coming up on their three-year certification renewal, Elite Certification will designate those professionals as our most experienced members.

Earn and track an additional 12 hours of Fear Free CE after the Fear Free Certification Program and successfully complete the Recertification Exam to obtain Elite status. Click here to learn more.

Other CE opportunities

Fear Free is offering a variety of additional CE opportunities, and will be launching new programs at regular intervals. As an active member, all of the additional CE courses will be available at no additional cost.

Visit our Courses tab for details on all available courses.

Membership Benefits

Fear Free offers an exclusive membership with the certification program, which needs to be renewed annually in order to keep certification active and continue to gain access an amazing range of additional benefits:

100% of Fear Free CE is RACE-Approved

The Fear Free Certification Program, Level 2, Level 3, and all of our other courses offered to members are written by renowned experts and thus RACE-approved. In addition, the Fear Free Certification Program is eligible for seven hours of CVPM-qualified CE through the VHMA.

Fear Free Educational Library

Get access to articles, videos, and podcasts about Fear Free topics, including implementation recommendations and best practices.

Additional Free and Discounted CE Courses 

Additional RACE-approved CE courses offered complimentary or at discounted rates.

Fear Free Podcast Series

In our Fear Free podcast series, we help you make the most of your certification. Featuring discussions with Fear Free Certified Professionals that are on the forefront of Fear Free, you can hear real world examples, advice, insights, and more.

Marketing Materials

Promote your achievement by using the Fear Free logo on lab coats, business cards, your practice website, and client communication materials.

Fear Free Toolbox

Find downloadable forms to help implement Fear Free techniques in your practice, including CSR training lists, drug charts, and client communication posters.

Private Facebook Group

Leverage the Fear Free community to ask for advice, solve tough cases, share tips, and participate in fun contests.

Get featured in our directory

With nearly 30,000 Fear Free registered professionals and growing, Fear Free is on its way to becoming a household name. After becoming certified, your name will be featured in our consumer facing directory, where millions of pet owners can find you when seeking out Fear Free care for their pet.

Renewal Requirements

Annual Membership Fee

Your renewal fee is due annually from the date you initially register and pay for the Fear Free Certification Program. Keep an eye out for reminder emails and instructions on how to pay your renewal fee.

Note that we have adjusted our renewal fee to meet the needs of our professionals: We cut renewal fees by almost two thirds to $99/per person or what you paid at initial registration, whichever is LOWER. This is applicable to individuals and groups.

Annual Fear Free CE Requirements

Remember to log your ongoing Fear Free CE! In addition to the renewal fee, we require 4 hours of Fear Free CE every year. These can be obtained by accessing additional online Fear Free CE, such as the complimentary Module 8 or the Fear Free Podcast Series. Alternatively, you can log CE for attending Fear Free tracks at any of the major conferences, regional meetings, Fear Free Workshops or offered webinars.

10 Reasons of why every Fear Free certified professional needs to renew:

  1. It’s the right thing to do. Fear Free helps professionals deliver better care to their patients by looking after the physical and emotional well-being of their patients.
  2. It’s a certification employers value and it will thus increase your value as a team member.
  3. It has proven to increase job satisfaction – don’t you want to love what you do and continue to do so? (as per the Fear Free study completed in October 2016)
  4. It makes financial sense. For only $99, you will continue to attract an increased number of new clients, increase your client compliance and the frequency of visits (as per the Fear Free study completed in October 2016).
  5. It provides you with preferential pricing on products and services you and your clients value.
  6. It’s a mandatory standard to qualify for practice certification. If your practice wants to apply for practice certification in 2018 and take advantage of a flat fee for unlimited team member access, a minimum of 25% of team members need to be Fear Free Certified and active.
  7. It’s the way clients will find you. With Fear Free reaching out and marketing to consumers, pet owners are actively looking for Fear Free Certified professionals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be listed in the Fear Free directory and to attract new clients.
  8. It will provide you with a brand new Fear Free RACE approved CE course – Each year, when you renew, you will gain access to the latest certification course. All that included in your $99 renewal fee.
  9. It’s the only way you can keep your access to ongoing educational materials, toolbox items and the Fear Free online community. Your renewal not only provides you with the latest certification course, but also continued access to the newest research, training videos, pet owner handouts, and more.
  10. It’s your opportunity to be at the forefront of veterinary medicine and to help shape the future of our profession.