Fear Free Elite Certification

So you’ve been a Fear Free Certified® Professional for three years… what’s next? How about the opportunity to call yourself one of the Elite? We’re rolling out a brand-new title that represents the highest level of certification yet: Elite Fear Free Certified® Professional!

The Elite Recertification Exam will be available 60 days from your certification expiration.

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How to get to Elite status

    1. Attain any 12 hours of Fear Free CE. To record your Fear Free CE hours, go to the CE tracker under my account or click here. Please note: The 9 CE hours earned from the Certification Program do not count toward the additional 12 CE hours you must earn.
    2. Take and pass our 30-question Recertification Exam. Don’t worry, the exam isn’t especially tricky – it covers material that you should already know with three years of Fear Free Certification under your belt. It’s just our way of ensuring that our Elite Fear Free Certified® Professionals carry the basic knowledge that we’d expect you to have after three years of practicing Fear Free.
    3. Share your Fear Free success story with us! We’re purposely leaving this wide open. A success story could be an experience with a patient or a client, your own experience, or how Fear Free has impacted you or your clinic. We’d love to know how Fear Free has affected your work.
    4. Once you are within the 60-day window, you can take the recertification exam at any time by selecting it from My Courses.


  1. After you follow the four steps above, pass the exam, and recertify, you will have officially earned the Elite Fear Free Certification. Your certificate will be valid for three years as long as your membership remains active through annual renewal and you obtain 4 hours of CE each year.

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