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It’s all about the music! Since 2008, the beautiful classical music of Through a Dog/Cat’s Ear has been used around the world to help pets calm and settle. This specially designed music is available with portable iCalm players on Micro SD cards, CDs, or by streaming. iCalm Players come pre-loaded with 3-4 hours of music and are perfect for treatment rooms, grooming facilities, kennels, and homes.

Every dog and cat is different. Your clients can add interchangeable sound cards for specific behaviors.

• Calm Your Canine
• Puppy-Pak (includes sound effects for noise phobias)
• Elderly Canine
• In the Car
• Separation Anxiety*
• Aggression*
• Thunderstorms* (includes sound effects for noise phobias)
• Fireworks* (includes sound effects for noise phobias)
• City Sounds* (includes sound effects for noise phobias)

• Calm Your Kitty
• Stimulation
• Noise Phobias (includes sound effects)

*in collaboration with Victoria Stilwell

Played in thousands of shelters and homes around the world, Through a Dog’s/Cat’s Ear CDs are simple auditory solutions for pet anxiety. Pick from 13 dog-specific CDs and 3 CDs designed for kitties.

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