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Oh No, Please Don’t Go! Pet Behavioral Wellbeing in Times of Change

Oh No, Please Don’t Go! Pet Behavioral Wellbeing in Times of Change

While our beloved pets are helping us cope with the extreme stresses of the pandemic and societal turmoil, veterinarians shouldn’t stand by and allow them to experience negative repercussions from helping us. Instead, we must proactively and preventively counsel pet owners on meeting behavioral needs.

We have a professional obligation and opportunity to look after pets’ physical and emotional wellbeing and teach pet parents the steps they can take to help their pets live happy, healthy, full lives: recognizing and managing anxiety and stress, preparing their pets to be home alone, and immediately reporting behavior problems so that they can be promptly diagnosed and treated.

In this webinar, Marty Becker, DVM, and Gary Landsberg, DVM, MRCVS, DACVB, DECAWBM, will address:

  • The human-animal bond and the effects of routine changes
  • Proactive client communication about separation stress
  • Difficult behavior conversations
  • Solutions and treatment strategies for behavioral issues

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