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At-Home Fitness Tips with Dr. Evan Antin

The Business of Fear Free: How to Positively Impact Profitability & Practice Value

Location! Location! Location! How to Prevent & Alleviate FAS Through Stress-Mapping Your Practice

Training as Enrichment: Your Questions Answered

How Not to Be My Patient: Secrets for staying healthy & the healing power of fur, fins, and feathers

Welcome Back to Business As Unusual: Practicing Tomorrow’s Veterinary Medicine Today

Interviewing Your Interviewer & Exam Room Secrets Revealed

Training Online in Real Time: A Demonstration

A Fear Free Look at Canine Noise Aversion and Feline House Soiling

The Silver Lining: COVID-19 Unexpected Best Practices

Training as Enrichment: Basic Skills

Healthy Practice, Healthy People

Our Collective Vulnerability

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Fear Free Certified Practices & TeleTails

Taking Your Training Services Online

Now You’re Here, Now You’re Not: Preparing Your Pet for Yet Another Change

Don’t Just Survive, But Thrive! Practice Management Tips During COVID-19 & Beyond

Cultivating Healthy Resilience

Fear Free Home Spaw Days

Practicing Self-Compassion During the Pandemic

Pandemic Puppies: Puppy Socialization During a Disease Outbreak

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Fear Free Certified Practice Town Hall – April 16, 2020

Will COVID-19 Impact My Value in the Job Market?

DIY Enrichment: Keeping Dogs from Climbing the Walls

How to Be a Leader in Times of Crisis: Practicing Fear Free During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19: Infection Prevention Is Everyone’s Business

5 Essential Leadership and Communication Tips to Survive and Thrive Through COVID-19

Fear Free Veterinary Medicine During COVID-19

Proactive Practices for Preventing and Alleviating Fear, Anxiety, Stress & Pain in Times of COVID-19

Euthanasia in the Time of Coronavirus: Providing, Protecting, Preserving

Pharmacologic Options for Veterinary Visit Anxiety: An Evidenced-Based Review

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Brain Games for Bed Rest

Taking Fear Out of the Veterinary Visit for Pets and Owners

Six Client Tips for Puppy Socialization

Our Practice Became Fear Free Certified, So Can Yours!

Sight Serenity: Considerations for a Tranquil Visual Experience

Non-Pharmacologic Options for Veterinary Visit Anxiety: An Evidenced-Based Review

Canine Allergic Dermatitis: Creating a Higher Quality of Life for Everyone Involved

Fear Free on a Budget

Kitten Socialization: Do Kittens Need Kindergarten?

How Fear Free and Best Practices Go Hand in Hand in Shelters

Weathering the Storm: Disaster Preparedness for Pet Professionals and Pet Owners

Canine Allergic Dermatitis: Convert Misery to a Higher Quality of Life

The Nose Knows: Attending to Aromas to Improve the Emotional Experience

How to Raise a Gentle PUP: 3 Tips to Share with Every Puppy Parent

Thoughtful Touch to Improve the Emotional Experience

Fear Free Dermatology Diagnostics: What Can I Do Differently for My Patients?

Fear Free Dermatology: Patient Relief is a Priority

Motion Sickness: Helping the Client/Pet Bond

Building a Pain Management Pyramid for Pets

Puppy Socialization: Running a Puppy Socialization Program in Your Practice

Puppy Socialization: Providing “Lemon Aid”

Crash, Boom, Bang! Addressing Noise Aversion in Dogs

Practice Certification Info: New Hire Training: Tools You Can Use

Puppy Socialization: Is This Puppy Normal or a “Lemon”?

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Behavior Triage 101

Making the Most Out of Your PVQ & EMR

Taking the Stress Out of Veterinary Care for Clients & Patients Through Technology

Consider the Senses of the Fear Free Exam

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Feline Pain Scoring & Treatment Made Easy

Reducing Dog Bites by Understanding the Secret Language of Dogs

Establishing & Strengthening Trainer Relationships with Veterinary Practices

Reducing Fear in Veterinary Dentistry for Pets & Pet Owners

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Fear Free Handling Hacks

I Don’t Want to Hear It: Prevention of Unnecessary Operational Noise

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Highlights of Feline Communication & Natural Behavior

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Sharing Best Practices from 2018

Communicating Fear Free to Pet Owners: Why It Matters

New Ways to Do Old Things in General and Emergency Practice

From Pit Bulls to Pugs: State Farm is a Good Neighbor

The Science for Pheromone Therapy: Show Me the Evidence

How Do I Meet the Trainer Standards for Practice Certification?

Fear Free Client Education – What’s That?

Help! I think I want to get my practice Fear Free Certified, but I don’t know where to start!

Care of Hospitalized and Boarding Patients

Tell Me More About SOPs

What’s That You Smell?

Inside Practice Certification: Culture, Training & Leadership, Oh My!

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Tips & Tricks for Getting Media Attention for Your Certified Practice

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Force-Free Training Books for Clients & Staff

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Fear Free Design Ideas

Do You Hear What I Hear? Noise Aversion Beyond Thunder and Fireworks

Certified Practice Member Exclusive: Fear Free Facilitates Clinical Success

Fear Free: Evolving to the Hospitalized, Emergent, and Sick Patient

Case Management of Fear, Anxiety, Stress, and Pain

Vaccinations for the Mind: Positive Puppy Socialization

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