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Senior Cats: How To Uncover Their Health Secrets

October 8, 2018 Blog

We all know that cats are tough to decode. They hold their secrets tightly, refusing to share how they feel.…Read More

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Case Management of Fear, Anxiety, Stress, and Pain

October 5, 2018 Blog

Pain adversely affects the fearful, anxious, and stressed patient. These clinical issues are tightly interrelated, and we best manage them…Read More

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Calming Pet Owners’ Concerns About Sedation

October 1, 2018 Blog

Sedation, including pre-visit pharmaceutical, in-clinic administration of a combination or both, is a critical component of Fear Free.  However, pet…Read More

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Facebook LIVE: How do we implement Fear Free in the ER?

September 21, 2018 Blog

In this Fear Free-Zoetis Facebook LIVE event, Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT, will tackle one of the most frequent questions…Read More

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Fear Free: Evolving to the Hospitalized, Emergent, and Sick Patient

September 13, 2018 Blog

Understanding the relationship of pain with fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) – a relationship that works both ways – is…Read More

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Study: Exploring Pain & Noise Aversion

September 4, 2018 Blog

Noise sensitivity, also known as noise aversion, phobia or anxiety affects over 1/3 of dogs in the US. Noise triggers…Read More

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It’s Time For A Veterinary “High Five” For a “Low .5”

August 21, 2018 Blog

Studies show that the number-one thing people fear about medical care is needles. But, besides the prick of the needle,…Read More

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Fear Free Failure? Not A Chance. Here’s Why

August 9, 2018 Blog

You heard about the Fear Free initiative, and now you have become certified. You have an amazing number of tools…Read More

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Thunder Fears? Help Owners Recognize, Treat Them Early

June 19, 2018 Blog

Pet owners, and people in general, tend to ignore problems until they become too troublesome to ignore. It’s human nature…Read More

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From Fearful to Fear Free: A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias

April 17, 2018 Blog

Have you ever wished you had a simple guide to help your clients take their dogs from fearful to Fear…Read More

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Senior Care: Seeing Old Cats Early And Often

March 22, 2018 Blog

A cat’s golden years occur in three stages: mature (7 to 10 years), senior (11 to 14 years), and geriatric…Read More

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Human-Animal Bond Certification Announced

March 15, 2018 Blog

A new human-animal bond certification program for veterinarians, veterinary nurses and practice managers was announced at VMX in Orlando, Florida.…Read More