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From Fearful to Fear Free: A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias

April 17, 2018 Blog

Have you ever wished you had a simple guide to help your clients take their dogs from fearful to Fear…Read More

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Senior Care: Seeing Old Cats Early And Often

March 22, 2018 Blog

A cat’s golden years occur in three stages: mature (7 to 10 years), senior (11 to 14 years), and geriatric…Read More

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Human-Animal Bond Certification Announced

March 15, 2018 Blog

A new human-animal bond certification program for veterinarians, veterinary nurses and practice managers was announced at VMX in Orlando, Florida.…Read More

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How To Give A More Comfortable Injection Experience

March 8, 2018 Blog

A fear of needles is the number-one most dreaded thing in human medicine. We’re not talking timidity here. Put needles…Read More

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From Food To Fear Free, Cats Win With Winn

March 7, 2018 Blog

If you treat cats in your practice-and I'm guessing that most of you do-you may or may not know that…Read More

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Veterinarians and Pet Sitters Can Team Up To Provide Fear Free Care

March 5, 2018 Blog

Owners often ask pet sitters about health issues, and it's not unusual for pet sitters to notice a health problem…Read More

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New Products Promote Pets’ Physical, Emotional Wellbeing

February 19, 2018 Blog

New products debuted at this past month's VMX conference in Orlando, Florida, are designed to enhance the human-animal bond as…Read More

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Stressful Stats: Findings of Veterinary Wellbeing Study Spark Hope, Worry

February 8, 2018 Blog

Veterinarians 45 years old and younger were more likely to experience serious psychological distress, and only 27 percent of those…Read More

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How Fear Free Certifications Instantly Create Marketing Opportunities Inside and Outside Your Practice

February 1, 2018 Blog

In today’s competitive veterinary industry, many different certifications can set a practice apart: Cat Friendly Practice, American Animal Hospital Association…Read More

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Study: How Parents May Be Increasing the Risk of Their Child Being Bitten by the Family Dog

January 19, 2018 Blog

When it comes to interactions between children and dogs, experts and parents or other caregivers don’t see eye to eye.…Read More

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Study: Effects of Trazodone Compared to Acepromazine in Anesthetic Induction

December 21, 2017 Blog

Acepromazine is frequently used for pre-medication before veterinary visits and surgery. While it offers sedation, it doesn’t offer any substantial…Read More

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Is Fear Free the Only Way to Compassionate Veterinary Practice?

December 3, 2017 Blog

Is Fear Free Certification right for every veterinary professional and practice? It’s hard for me to answer that with anything…Read More