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Gulliver’s Travails And Other Tales Of Fear Free Technician Care

October 16, 2017 Blog

Gulliver was nervous and fearful. Recently adopted, he needed a complete checkup, but his owner wasn’t sure she could get…Read More

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An Open Letter to Our Clients on Their Hardest Day

October 10, 2017 Blog

The loss of our furry family companion is devastating, and often the loss can leave us in a fog of…Read More

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Temple Grandin’s Unique Voice is Helping To Create A More Fear Free Experience For Pets Visiting the Vet

October 1, 2017 Blog

Temple’s voice in the Fear Free Advisory Group continues to enhance the emotional wellbeing of animals, including companion pets in…Read More

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Fear Free Makes A Difference In Joy Of Practice

September 18, 2017 Blog

All too often, as veterinarians, we are pushed to see more patients.  Get’em in and get’em out!  We find ourselves…Read More

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Fear Free Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses Are Struggling in a Devastated Texas—You Can Help!

September 5, 2017 Blog

Fear Free has teamed up with the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation to provide additional funds to Fear Free Certified veterinarians…Read More

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Becoming A Catvocate For Feline Environmental Enrichment: My 10-Step Program

August 29, 2017 Blog

"I knew I had to do better for my patients. I had to change my practice to include environmental enrichment…Read More

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Treats Make Vet Treatments Less Stressful—even (or Especially) in Cancer Cases

August 17, 2017 Blog

Kind hearts and hands, combined with tasty treats, cater to the emotional health of pet cancer patients during treatment at…Read More

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Overcoming Culture Change With Fear Free

August 4, 2017 Blog

While attending the AAHA conference several years ago in Phoenix, I sat in on the Fear Free seminar by Dr.…Read More

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Research Dispels Cat Misconceptions and Provides Insight into Feline Motivation

August 1, 2017 Blog

Mislabeling of cats as solitary, aloof creatures with little need for human company beyond the physical needs humans meet (like…Read More

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Sounds of Panic: Tips for Reducing Sound Sensitivity in Your Practice

July 27, 2017 Blog

Sometime when it is fairly busy, take a few minutes and go out to sit in your clinic waiting room.…Read More

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Fear Free…For Birds?

July 14, 2017 Blog

In a perfect world, Dr. Alicia McLaughlin would establish relationships with animals who have no experience with veterinary visits and…Read More

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Hospital’s Commitment to High-Quality Care Further Fueled with Fear Free

July 11, 2017 Blog

The team at Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital, Inc. of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, has such determination to continually pursue excellence in their practice…Read More